Some thought about the mental health system

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Some thought about the mental health system

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I think that to some extent there has been a lot of corruption to how the mental system in America has operated.

In my past I've gone into mental hospitals and hardly talked to at all. How can I handle my real life situation that I went to a hospital to solve if nobody talks to me about what's happening.

And to "Diagnose" someone with "Bipolar" disorder is very disrespectful.

I don't have bipolar disorder and I never have and that's after going through 24 hospitals in my lifetime.

And I think the only reason people have been put on pills in the past is because of how unnatural many mental hospitals are and usually not at all because there is something wrong with someone's "Brain"

It's just a shame.

And the horrible thing is people who layer up their thinking with all sorts of details of what might be considered "bipolar" are not only putting themselves at risk by knowing such things but also putting their patients at risk if their fears bleed in the patients vulnerabilites.

It's a bad situation. I'm glad Jesus (Jesus Proper) is in control.
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